Chronomite Introduces Mini-Tank Heater

Chronomite recently added a new Mini-Tank Heater to its product line. The Chronomite MiniTank is lightweight and compact for wall mounting under the counter at the point of use. Unlike other Chronomite heaters, the MiniTank features a 1.3, 2.5, or 4 gallon tank.

Mini Tank heaters can be used by themselves at the point of use for sinks that do not have hot water or they can be plumbed in-line to eliminate the wait for hot water from the central water heater.

Mini Tank heaters also offer easy installation, adjustable temperature via a dial on the front of the unit, automatic shutoff if the temperature rises above 140˚ F, and a 120V plug that works with a standard outlet.

To learn more about Chronomite’s new Mini Tank heater, visit the Mini Tank page in the products section of