Morris/Lee LTD. Expands ELMCO Group Into Canada

The Elmco Group is proud to announce the merging of a new business venture with Morris/Lee, Ltd., a manufacturer representative of Morris Group International.

History of Sword & Associates, Inc.

Based in Toronto, Morris/Lee, Ltd. was founded in 2015 as a manufacturer’s representative for specification-oriented commercial plumbing, mechanical and industrial products in Canada. The company is a joint partnership between Don Morris, President and CEO of Morris Group International and Jim Lee, Morris/Lee’s Managing Director.

In collaboration with Elmco Group, Morris/Lee, Ltd. represents both new and time-tested products & services from the various MGI divisions. Morris/Lee, Ltd. represents only the highest quality non-commercial manufacturers on the market. Customers of Morris/Lee, Ltd. include end users, architects, engineers, contractors and wholesalers nationwide.

Visit the new website at www.morrisleecan.com for more details.