Murdock Introduces New Outdoor Bottle Filler

Murdock Manufacturing

Murdock Manufacturing is pleased to announce the introduction of an all new Outdoor Bottle Filler for applications in parks, campgrounds and other outdoor areas.

The new Outdoor Bottle Filler is a modern twist on our traditional drinking fountains, allowing users to fill up water bottles quickly and easily. Bottle Fillers can promote the use of refillable water bottles and reduce the waste associated with disposable water bottles.

The Outdoor Bottle Filler is constructed entirely from stainless steel, giving it long-term durability and reliability. Standard features include built-in filtration, combined sensor/pushbutton operation and easy maintenance access. An extensive list of optional colors and accessories, such as an attached pet bowl, are also available.

For more information on Murdock Manufacturing’s Outdoor Bottle Filler, download our flyer.