New Enhanced Design Water Coolers & Bottle Filler

Acorn Engineering Company is pleased to announce the availability of four new and enhanced design water coolers and sensor-operated bottle filler.

To help promote this exciting product package, we are releasing a new products flyer, a complete products brochure, updated submittals, two informational videos and a new products list price sheet.

Acorn Water Cooler and Drinking Fountain BrochureAcorn Water Cooler and Drinking Fountain Brochure 2

The 4-page flyer showcases the enhanced design water coolers and new bottle filler. The brochure provides an overview of the entire Acorn Water Coolers and Drinking Fountain product line. Both the flyer and brochure contain clear product photos and information on the features and benefits of the product package in an attractive, easy-to-read format.

Bottle Filler VideoWater Cooler Video

The informational videos will allow you to learn even more. The bottle filler video shows how any receptacle can be filled using the touch-free sensor. The water cooler video demonstrates all the enhancements to the product series, including the water saving .3 GPM anti-microbial bubbler, simplified drain assembly for quick installation, and the patent pending auto stop that enables easier maintenance.

Bottle Filler listingliterature request form

The list price sheet shows pricing for the enhanced design series water cooler and the bottle filler. This list price sheet supplements the regular price guide available on the website.

To view or download the product literature, informational videos, submittals and the list price sheet, visit www.acorndrinkingfountains.com. To order hard copies of the Acorn Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains brochure or flyer, print and return the literature request form.