Whitehall® Introduces New Stainless Steel Scrub Sink With Eye/Face Wash.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – December 10, 2018 – Whitehall® Manufacturing has introduced a new Stainless Steel Scrub Sink with Eye/Face Wash goes above and beyond to exceed requirements for USP 800.

BestCare Shower Vanity Sheet

The Stainless Steel Scrub Sink with Eye/Face Wash features our time-tested 16-gauge stainless steel construction, convenient sensor-activated faucet, front access panel designed for easy maintenance and an offset drain to minimize the spread of bacteria. For added safety, we’ve introduced a pull-down activated eye/face wash that flushes away contaminants, located inside the sink to prevent water on the floor.
All models are available in 30” one-station, 72” two-station and 96” three-station models and Equipped with two mixing valves, providing appropriate water temperatures for both hands and eyes.

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